Friday, July 07, 2006

Still waiting...

It's now the end of the week and I've still not had a phone call from whoever it is that's looking in to the problem with my monitor.

I did miss a call at 1:10 this afternoon from a withheld number on my landline, but not my mobile. If that was Samsung and they didn't try calling me on my mobile...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another Phone Call

I had another call from a Customer Care chap earlier who said that someone was 'looking in to the case' and that I'd get a call back when it's resolved, which was pretty much what I was told on Tuesday.

When I asked when that would be he couldn't give me an answer, gah. I was told I'd get a call back 'by the end of the week' on Tuesday. It's not looking good.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Don't buy Samsung products if you value your sanity

I've just received a phone call from Kirsty at Samsung who's told me that someone's looking in to the case and that they'd get back to me. When I asked how long it would be she said 'by the end of the week', I pointed out that it's now 36 days since I reported the fault. She 'sympathised'. These people can 'sympathise' until they're blue in the face, it doesn't change the fact that I'm still out of a monitor and have been for over a month.

'Thanks for taking my call' she said. Go away Kirsty.

At least she scores points in the 'People Who Haven't Made Promises They Can't Keep' league. Points deducted for phoning my landline when I requested to be called on my mobile as well.

Monday, July 03, 2006

More "Customer Care" nonsense.

I've just got off the phone again to Samsung's Customer Care line and spoke to yet another representative. I'm still reeling.

Apparently Samsung tried to call on the 28th and the 30th of June, which was news to me. I know I did miss a call on the 28th from a handily withheld number, but someone was in all day on the 30th and nobody remembers missing a call. When I asked why nobody had called my mobile number I was told that they didn't have a record of the number, which is odd seeing as I've had a phone call from the Irish 'Michelle' before. On my mobile number.

After reeling off the history of the problem for the umpteenth time I was told that a) my original call was placed as a repair and not a replacement - which I already knew and resolved a week after the original call when the lady from Teleplan called me and b) Teleplan had my monitor and it was being looked at for repair.

At this point I began to think I was in some sort of odd dream - my monitor was beside me, still packed up and waiting to be picked up and not, in fact, at Teleplan's repair center. I explained again that myself and the original delivery driver decided it would be best to keep hold of my broken monitor to avoid any confusion. If only.

The little chappy on the phone then offered to cancel my request and start again. This would've been great and all except when I asked if I would get a *new* monitor or a refurbished one I was told I would get a refurb. When I pointed out that since it's now been 34 days since I originally placed my call I was entitled to a *new* monitor or a credit letter he told me that I was given the wrong information by the previous representatives I've spoken to.

The next few minutes are a bit of a blur, however I did manage to incorrectly tell him off for saying 'oi' (which he didn't) while he was trying to talk over me. The words inept and ridiculous were used a lot too.

Due to the absolute inflexibility of Samsung's 'systems' he's now going to raise the issue with a 'senior engineer' so I can, possibly, get the *new* monitor I was told a week ago that I was entitiled too or a credit letter as apparently I'm no longer able to get that despite being told that after 30 days I was. :boggles:

I should also be getting a phone call from a "Customer Care" manager tomorrow, apparently you can't speak to them directly as they have a 'queue'. I gave out my mobile number again and made sure that he'd correctly added that to my customer notes.

I think I'll just get a credit letter and take my business elsewhere. That is, if I can still get one - despite being told I could last week. I had a Dell catalogue in the post the other day and the 2007fpw is on sale...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Surprise, surprise

It's now 7:30 in the evening and I still haven't had the phone call I was promised yesterday. The refurbished replacement that was dispatched on the 26th hasn't turned up either.

The estimated repair date on the repair tracker still says 01/06/2006. This is getting ridiculous.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Samsung 930BF Update-a-roo

At 5:30 this evening I placed yet another call with the Samsung Customer Care Team and spoke with a chap called Dan. He asked if I'd phoned before. Bless.

The long and the short of it is that apparently I'm within my rights to get a *NEW* monitor rather than a refurb so I'm going to turn away the replacment that was sent out on the 26th. I should also be getting a phone call from a different department tomorrow to confirm things, which while it's another day of waiting around for things to happen is a positive step.

I was also given an address to write to with my complaint which I'll finish drafting this evening and get in to the post as soon as I can.

If this is the final step towards resolving this whole thing I'll be fairly satisfied, but really it shouldn't take 28 days, at least 5 days waiting around and hours on the phone to get a monitor replaced.

Samsung are great

Note: this applies to Samsung UK, your mileage may vary in other territories.

At the start of January I bought myself a Samsung SM930BF LCD monitor based on reviews on the website I bought it from and the 3 year warranty. The free copy of Myst wasn't really a consideration (although this didn't actually arrive, gah). When it arrived I was extremely pleased with my purchase, this was to continue for the next 5 and half months.

In May the monitor began to develop vertical lines of solid colour which gradually got worse and ended up creating a block approximately an inch wide on one side which rendered it almost completely useless. On the 24th of May I popped an email off to the Samsung Customer Care email address which I had a reply to the next day telling me to ring the Customer Care phone number (National Rate applies.)

On the 30th of May I rang the number provided and reported my fault to a very helpful Customer Care representative who told me I would be receiving a *new* (more on this later) within the next 5 days and that I should pack up the monitor and it's peripherals ready for the eventual swap. The phone conversation ended with me calling him a star and all was well with the world.

The very next day a delivery driver arrived at my house ready to pick up my now faulty monitor, which I duly brought up to his van ready to receive my new one. Unfortuanately somewhere along the line somebody had forgotten to send my new monitor and the driver had no idea that he was supposed to be bringing one with him on his trip. It was agreed between myself and the driver that I should keep hold of the old one to avoid any further problems.

At some point over the next few days I received a phone call from someone at a company called Teleplan, who apparently deal with Samsung's faulty goods in the UK. She explained that there was a mistake on the part of the original Customer Care Rep who had apparently flagged my monitor as a repair and not a replacement, d'oh. She also told me that they didn't have any replacements in stock and that I'd have to wait. Thanks, love!

On the 9th of June I went off to my sister's to spend some time with her and watch the Cosford Air Show (which incidentally is an excellent day out) leaving instructions with my parents to wait for the new monitor to arrive and return the old one.

On the 15th of June still away from home I received a text message from my dad saying that an attempted delivery had been made which came as a slight surprise to him as he'd been in all day and nobody had knocked on the door. I should probably note that we have a gate leading to the house with a loud bell on it and two dogs that bark loudly when any strangers arrive.

My dad then tried to phone the delivery company to arrange a re-delivery and spoke to an apparently disinterested chap who asked for the 12 digit tracking number which the driver hadn't actually bothered to write on the delivery notification docket. When they finally managed to track down the parcel via our address it was noted that there was no notification of a pickup - only a delivery. First they don't want to give me a new monitor and now they won't take my old one away.

The delivery was promised for the 21st of July. My mother stayed in all day after changing her plans. At 4:30 that afternoon the delivery company were phoned, the driver of the vehicle was contacted via his mobile phone. He didn't have a package for me. Cheers lads.

That day I decided to check the Samsung Online Repair Tracker to see that the last entry on the 20th was 'Product Received'. Knowing that the monitor wasn't at my house I decided to find out who it was that had it by phoning the Customer Care line again (National Rate applies) only to be 10 minutes too late - they were shut.

The next morning I phoned the Customer Care Line and spoke to a chap who apparently sympathised with my situation and gave me a phone number so I could get in contact with Teleplan myself to chase the delivery up. Quite why I should have to phone a 3rd party is beyond me, but I did it anyway.

I then phoned the new 'Teleplan' number only to be greeted with a voice saying something about 'Samsung'. It turned out the number I was given was, in fact, another Samsung department and not Teleplan at all. The lady on the phone then gave me a new number to ring, with the promise that it was now the correct one.

Armed with this I was back on the phone, after dialling I was treated to the sound of a flat tone. I tried at least three times with the same result.

At this point I wasn't exactly pleased, to say the least and I rang the Samsung Customer Care line again and was greeted with a pleasant Scottish accent (more on this in a bit), after explaining the situation to yet another rep 'Michelle' told me she would email somebody and get back to me that afternoon. Not wanting to spend another day in the house I gave her my mobile phone number and went out.

That afternoon I received a phone call from an Irish number, which I thought was slightly odd. 'Michelle' had now developed a fine Irish accent. She then told me my monitor would be arriving the next day (23rd of June) and asked me to confirm someone would be in. I told her there would be and confirmed again that the monitor would definitely be arriving the next day. Thinking the whole sorry saga was drawing to a close I thanked her and closed the call.

Friday came and went with no delivery, after 5pm I phoned the Customer Care line yet again and gave out my reference code. The chap on the phone was again very helpful and explained that the lady on the phone shouldn't have promised the delivery for a specific date and that there had been a delay with the delivery. When I pointed out that delivering a new monitor shouldn't be akin to the parting of the waves he told me that Samsung have a policy where an acceptable turn around time was 28 days.

This is where the whole tale takes a new and unexpected twist. I asked him what would happen if the 28 days passed before the issue was resolved, he then told me I could either get a credit letter or I would receive a *new* monitor. This struck me as a little bit odd, I was expecting a new monitor after all, he then told me I was to receive a refurbished model. Having had some unpleasant experiences with refurbished electronics before I pointed out that I was told specifically that I was getting a *new* monitor by the original rep almost a month ago. 'We could get in trouble for that' was pretty much his only reply as I tried to get my head around it. I then asked if I could just get a credit letter now as the whole thing had become ridiculous, but sadly Samsung's policy prohibits that as only 24 days had passed. The phone call ended.

I then seethed for a short while.

At least I'd have a new monitor early the next week I thought.

Monday came and went with no contact.

It's not Tuesday at 4:15 pm as I'm typing this, the delivery company finishes at 5 o'clock so they've got 45 minutes to turn up or I'll be on the phone to the Customer Care line again. 'Thankfully' it's now been 28 days since I first reported the fault so I should be able to get a credit letter or a *new* monitor.

According to the Samsung Repair Tracker my 'Repaired Goods' were despatched yesterday, which will probably give Samsung an excuse to delay this whole thing longer and not send me a new monitor or credit letter.

tldr: Over the course of the last 28 days I have been misinformed and misled to the point of being lied to by Samsung's Customer Care representatives and I still don't have a replacement monitor. Add that to the fact I've wasted days sitting around the house waiting for deliveries that haven't materialised and spent far too long calling National Rate telephone number I'm really not a happy bunny at all.